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QHSE Policy Statement

Our vision is to be recognised, worldwide, as a leader in the field of end to end supply chain solutions. Integrated Service Solutions (ISS) Global Forwarding is committed to providing a consistently high standard of service, through world-class leadership, continual improvement, employee’s consultation, participation, development and social responsibility while protecting the environment and the health and safety of employees, and anyone who may be affected by the activities of the Company.

Integrated Service Solutions (ISS) consider people’s health and safety, prevention of environmental pollution and damage, customer satisfaction & listening to stakeholders as paramount priorities.
It is the Policy of the Company to provide services of a consistently high quality to our customers and to identify and explore opportunities and risks that are appropriate to the purpose, size and context of the organization; that allow the establishment of objectives and processes necessary to deliver results in accordance with the expectations of the interested parties and legal compliance with relevant quality, environment, health and safety legislation and other requirements, including relevant industry guidance.
The Company’s objectives are:

  • To enhance customer satisfaction by consistently providing a quality of service that meets or exceeds customer expectations.
  • To provide such service in a manner which ensures the safety and wellbeing of our customers, staff and the communities in which we operate, reduce our operations costs, and our impact on the environment.
  • Capture sufficient new business to an extent that the company can deliver a strong financial performance.
  • To promote and encourage a positive health and safety culture throughout the company through the provision of information, training, consultation and participation of the employees, and health and safety representatives.
  • Have a commitment to continual improvement.

These objectives will be measured through Key Performance Indicators and achieved by:

  • Continuous appraisal and areas for change identified; These are introduced following careful assessment of our process-based system, and our overall business performance, including a cost benefit analysis, for the improvement of the service to our customers and the enhancement of the quality, environmental, health and safety management system.
  • Implementing and complying with all requirements of the QHSSE Management System (QHSSE), and any Legal and other applicable requirements.
  • Take all practical steps to identify and control QEHS and other business risks arising from our activities, using appropriate risk assessment techniques.
  • Ensuring that the necessary resources are available, including proper expert advise
  • Directing and supporting employees to contribute to the effectiveness of the OH&S management system.
  • Do all that is reasonably practicable to prevent non-conformance that may lead to incidents (personal injury or work-related ill health, property damage, environmental impact or damage, customer complaint). Provide safe workplace including tools & equipment.
  • Implementation of our QHSSE policies, internal auditing & monitoring processes, and incident investigation including implementation of preventive actions.
  • Implementing, sustainable operations improvements, that ensures the effective usage of material, elimination of waste continual reduction of energy usage, our impact on the environment and keep our employees safe, as well as empowering them to STOP unsafe.
  • Evaluating compliance of our subcontractors, suppliers against our QHSSE thus ensuring that the company’s health, safety and environmental culture is not compromised and staff, customers and third parties are not put at risk.
  • In order to ensure that quality, Environmental, Health and safety requirements are met, there is a defined management responsibility to ensure that all personnel play an active part in the health and safety of the company, are adequately trained, competent, and fully familiar with the company’s commitment to providing services of consistent quality to our customers, whilst preventing the amount of pollution produced.
  • We expect employees, visitors, subcontractors and others who work at ISS-GF to share their commitment by complying with our policies and, where appropriate, our procedures and to understand that they too have legal and moral obligations to themselves and others.

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